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Love spells can be powerful. That is both their strength and weakness. It is their strength because that is what you want. It is their weakness because you can never be certain that you will always want the person you have enchanted to be in love with you. What if you fall out of love yourself? What if you no longer love them? Then the charm becomes a curse. You have this clingy person you cannot get rid of.

Most spells can be reversed, but with powerful spells like love spells, this is hard. And like many spell breaking them, reversing the charm, comes at a cost to the caster. Fate is not kind to fickle witches, fate will exact a charge on you if you make a habit of breaking spells once they have been cast.

And what of the person you release from the spell? No longer in love with you their emotion can flip through 180 degrees to "hate". This is not magic, this is not part of fate's revenge, it is simple human nature. When someone falls out of love with you their subconcious looks for a reason, an excuse. Their self image cannot cope with the idea that they chose wrongly in loving you, so it makes up reasons that tell it the fault is with you. This often leads to hate, and a hate that can become nasty, spiteful, and fuels a desire for revenge.

Was it Shakespear who said "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"? Well that is true, and men scorned are just as bad. If you are wise you will only ever use love spells when you are absolutly certain you want that love forever. Men may want to look at the (non magic) section on "Power Over Women" on this website instead.

But if you are certain that finding love by magic is what you want, then click here to learn how to cast those spells.

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